About - David Sharpe

About Dave Sharpe

I took up photography over 25 years ago upon graduating from college.   Over the years since then, I've photographed many places in the world, and my work has been published in several national magazines, including Motorhome Magazine and The Journal of Emergency Medical Services. I am a member of two co-op art galleries:   Garry Oak Gallery in Oak Harbor, and Penn Cove Gallery in Coupeville.  My work can be seen in both of these galleries 7 days a week, as well as several local businesses and medical offices.

Until recently, my photography has been defined as "Natural Light Landscape" photography in style.   However, I am now exploring using Off Camera Flash and other styles of lighting to create Environmental Portraits.   I'm also beginning to explore whimsical and surreal images by tweaking reality to produce images of scenes that exist only in my mind.

On the personal side - I have been married to my wonderful wife Carol for over 25 years.  We travel often in a small RV, exploring National Parks and other scenic locations in search of new exciting photographic opportunities. 

David Sharpe
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