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Ordering Prints and Shipping:

All Images  are available as prints.  I've found several print labs who produce excellent quality prints in several styles, and best of all - their pries are incredibly low compared to most print labs.   I pass those savings along to you so you can enjoy my art in your home, or give it as a gift.  

There are three styles to choose from:

Traditional Framed Fine Art Prints are printed on quality satin Fine Art paper, matted with white archival mats, and framed in classic black frame for an elegant look.  (One caveat though - due to the extra weight and fragility of glass, these prints are shipped with an acrylic cover instead of glass)

Canvas:  Canvas prints are often mistaken for paintings because the texture of the print looks like it was painted onto the fabric.   These prints are lightweight and very durable.

Metal Prints:   My lab prints the image directly onto an aluminum sheet which really saturates the color for a "wet" look that is very vibrant.   A 1/2" float mount makes the print seem to float just a bit off the wall surface to make it truly stand out.

All prints are shipped directly from my print lab to your chosen destination so they're easy to give as a gift.  The print will arrive ready to hang on the wall.

Use the "Contact Me" button at the top of this page to send me a message and I'll get in touch to place your order. 

Framed Fine Art Prints: Images are matted with archival mats, then framed with acrylic covers rather than glass for shipping. Glass may be used on framed prints for sale in my galleries, but will not be shipped with glass. Frames for print sizes up to 12 x 18 are handmade by the artist, larger sizes are printed, framed and shipped by my vendor using black frames with white archival matting. Sizes are approximate print sizes - frames add 6” - 8” to overall dimensions.

5 x 7       $60

8 x 12     $95

12 x 18   $150

16 x 24   $175

20 x 30   $225

24 x 36   $275

Canvas Prints :Photos printed on canvas have a luxurious “painterly” feel to them. They arrive ready to hang on the wall and are approximately 1.5” deep. Sides may be black or have the edges of the photo “wrapped” around the sides at the artist’s discretion. Our canvas prints are mounted on high density fiberboard with a sealed back so they won’t sag or stretch over the years.

5 x 7         $25

12 x 18    $100

16 x 24    $150

20 x 30    $175

24 x 36    $200

32 X 48    $250

Metal Prints Printed directly on aluminum with a “float mount”, these prints seem to be suspended ½” off the wall surface. Easily cleaned with a micro-fibre cloth, you’ll be amazed at the clarity and colors that seem to POP off the surface!

12 x 18   $125

16 x 24   $175

20 x 30   $225

24 x 36   $280

Shipping: Standard shipping (within continental US) adds $28 to each piece shipped, no matter what size. Expedited shipping may be available on some items at an extra cost - contact me for details. Most shipped items arrive within 7-14 days. In most cases, shipments will be sent to you directly from my print lab.

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